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Share the love for our brand & get rewarded

Earn Rewards, Discounts, and Exclusive Gifts by Posting with Bombshell on Instagram


Tag Us @bombshellsportswear

1st post

500 loyalty pts

5 posts

15% off

10 posts

50 USD site credit

20 posts

20% off

30 posts

100 USD site credit


step 1


Sign Up with your email and Instagram username.

step 2

post on instagram

Take photos in your Bombshell Sportswear sets and post them on Instagram. Don’t forget to tag us in every post @bombshellsportswear

step 3

get rewarded

Complete the tiers mentioned above and upon completion of each tier, you will receive a special reward! Please note: To claim your first reward, you must be signed up to our loyalty program


  • You must tag @bombshellsportswear in your image.
  • The account you are posting from must be public so we can view your content, and must have previous posts.
  • Multiple posts made within a 24 hour period will not count toward rewards.
  • Your posts must clearly show the Bombshell items you’re wearing, with no other competing logos or brands featured.
  • If you’re posting a carousel (swipe post), your Bombshell set must be featured in the first image.
  • Tags will only be rewarded for images posted after sign up.
  • Close up images of products (eg. leggings only) with no face or body visible, or images with excessive text overlay, will not count toward rewards.


  • To be eligible for rewards, you must complete the sign up on this page and follow the post rules above.
  • All rewards are single use, valid for purchases at
  • By tagging us in your content, you give permission for your images to be re-shared for marketing purposes.
  • This rewards program may be subject to change at any time.
  • All posts are subject to approval. We reserve the right to reject any posts which are not in line with the Instagram post rules.



Will my existing Bombshell posts count toward my rewards?

We're so happy that you have already been tagging Bombshell in your content, however only posts made after joining Team Bombshell are eligible for rewards.

How do I get rewarded and when?

Every time you reach a new reward tier, your reward will automatically land in your inbox of the email address you’ve registered with!

What are my reward credits eligible towards?

All reward credits are single use and redeemable on orders placed at

Does this mean I’m a Bombshell Athlete?

We’ve created Team Bombshell so that we can reward you for the Bombshell content you share. This is different to being a Bombshell athlete, but if we love the content you’re creating, there’s definitely an opportunity to receive extra perks!

Can I announce this on my social media?

There’s no need to make an announcement post. If you’d like to let your audience know about the program, just start using the hashtag #teambombshell, you can also add this to your bio if you’re really excited!

What happens if I post more than 30 times?

Ambitious, we love it! As Team Bombshell grows, we’ll be looking to add new rewards, challenges and other exciting surprises, so stay tuned!

Are Instagram stories included? What about IGTVs and Reels?

Only in-feed Instagram posts are currently eligible for rewards. You’re more than welcome to share additional content, however these posts will not count towards the program.

Can I get rewarded for making TikToks?

While TikTok isn’t included in the reward structure, we absolutely love to see you get creative with video content! Be sure to include your TikTok handle when you sign up, and keep an eye on your emails for regular content challenges to earn extra rewards.

What if I didn't receive my reward?

How do I ensure my post is valid?

Ensure you are posting from a public account, tagging the correct brand, and following the post guidelines!

Are there order minimums required to use the rewards?

Currently, there are no order minimums, but we reserve the right to update the rewards program at any time. When you receive your rewards email, there will be details on how to use the promo code as well as any conditions regarding the reward!

How do I receive my loyalty points?

To receive your first reward, you must be signed up to our loyalty program. Singing up is quick and easy! You can check it out here

How do the site credits work?

Site credits are issued in USD, and will convert into your local currency when applied at checkout. Due to the single-use nature of the credits, the full amount must be used in a single transaction.




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