High Impact Vs Low Impact Sports Bras

Finding the right look and fit for your sportswear can be challenging enough, but what does it mean when sports bras have different impact levels? Also, which one is right for your workout and movement needs? Whether you're a beginner to getting in shape or an expert just looking for a refresher, let's explore the differences between high-impact vs low-impact sports bras together so that when you're shopping with us, you'll know exactly what you need.

Sports Bra Basics

When it comes to sports, different impact levels refer to the effect the sport, workout, or activity might have on your body. You might already know that in the case of running shoes for example, when they refer to impact, they are most often talking about the pressure or strain that can end up on weight-bearing joints like ankles, knees, or hips. When it comes to sports bras, impact refers to the effect activities may have on your breasts. The higher the impact level, the greater the degree of breast movement which means the greater need you will have for proper support.

You should always wear a supportive sports bra when working out, no matter your breast size. You could potentially risk damage to ligaments that may result in long-term mobility issues such as back pain or shoulder pain.

Low Impact Sports Bras

The low-impact sports bra was designed for workouts, sports, and activities with low degrees of bouncing. Low-impact sports bras might be perfect, for example, for a favorite yoga session, pilates, walking, gentle cycling or even lounging around the house.

High Impact Sports Bras

High-impact sports bras have been specifically designed for more rigorous sports, activities, or workouts that involve a lot of jumping, or bouncing. These sports bras should always be created from a high-quality compression material, with additional support found in bands and straps. If you're a runner, dancer, kickboxer or cardio nut, the high-impact sports bra is perfect for you.

The most crucial differences between high-impact and low-impact sports bras are the material and support offered, and what activities they work best within. Make sure you have the right sports bra that's both head-turning and well-designed by adding ours to your collection today.