The Best Style Sports Bra Style For You

Made to offer extra support while exercising to minimize breast movement, sports bras are comfortable and just what women need when running, biking, doing yoga, lifting weights, or even just lounging around. While there are countless styles of these bras available, there are three primary categories that they fall in to: compression, encapsulation, and encapsulation-compression. How do you know which kind is right for you? Each of these types of sports bras are specially designed according to breast size and activity level.


These sports bras are designed to compress your breasts in place without the use of underwire. The fit should be comfortable without feeling too tight. Compression sports bras are great for A and B-cups, and some styles work for C and larger cups. One downfall of these women with larger cup sizes have noted is that it causes a sort of "uniboob" look that doesn't look natural.


Encapsulation sports bras are designed with underwire and cups for each breast to keep them in place. For larger cups, these types are ideal as they help with bounce and strain. If you're interested in high-impact workouts like HIIT, running, or playing sports, encapsulation sports bras offer the support you need. Maybe you've had a compression sports bra in the past, but now need a touch more structure and support. Encapsulation sports bras will provide the comfort you need to focus on your next workout.


These take the best qualities of compression and encapsulation sports bras to offer the best support for all cup sizes, but especially larger sizes like DD+. With individual cups, this type of sports bra compresses the breasts to keep them in place as you move. Many of these have underwire, which provides additional support. If you struggle with constant spillage and bouncing, encapsulation-compression sports bras are definitely your type!

How to Tell if You Have the Right Fit

It's easy to determine if a sports bra fits you well or not. Once you have a new one on, take a deep breath. Since you will be breathing harder during a workout, this will show if the bra is too tight. Adjust the straps (if applicable) so the fit isn't too tight and perform a few movements that you normally do when you work out. If you feel like you're spilling over or the bra is moving out of place, it's probably not the right size for you.

Bombshell Sportswear Sports Bras

At Bombshell Sportswear, we cater to a range shapes and sizes, and our sports bras are no different. From A to DD+, we offer an array of sports bras that are designed to provide the support and comfort you need. While some offer medium hold, others have extreme support to suit women of all cup sizes. Each of our bras has something truly unique to offer, from a strappy criss-cross front to racerback designs. Many of them feature metal accents as well, so they're perfect for wearing alone or styling with open back tops or tanks. No matter what type of support you need, we have the types and styles your closet needs. Feel comfortable, sexy, and supported in any of our premium sports bras!

We know that it can be challenging to order the right fit, even after checking out a brand's size chart. If you end up ordering the wrong size, exchanging your Bombshell sports bra is super easy! Simply start your exchange with us right on our website and we'll make sure you get the right size to rock at the gym, yoga studio, and beyond.