How To Tell If A Sports Bra Fits Properly

You will be spending a lot of time in your new sports bra, so you want to be sure that it is comfortable and fits you right. That is why we want to be sure you know how to tell if a sports bra fits properly. A sports bra that does not fit properly will be uncomfortable and unhelpful since it will not be able to serve its purpose.

Band Fit

The easiest way to check if your sports bra is not fitting properly is by how the band fits. If it is riding up your back, the band is too loose and is not providing you enough support. A good way to check this is by raising both arms above your head and turning sideways in a mirror. If it is digging into your back, it is too tight and will be difficult to work out in. Your sports bra should not be leaving any marks on your skin after wearing it if it is the right fit. A properly fitting sports bra band should be snug without feeling tight. You should only be able to fit two fingers between your body and the band.

Cup Fit

The next thing you will want to check is how your cups fit. If there is any extra space in your sports bra cups, you have picked a cup size that is too large. Your cup size is too small if you find that your breasts overflow at the edges of your sports bra. Any wrinkles or gaps in the fabric of your sports bra indicates the cups are too big. A properly fitting sports bra should have the cups fit around your breasts comfortably without overflow or gapping. You should always be able to breathe deeply and comfortably while in your sports bra. You can test the overall support of your bra by jumping or running in place. You should feel secure and supported while moving, and if there is too much movement in any direction, you should look for a better fit.

Ill-fitting sports bras can lead to soreness, pain, chafing, and even soft tissue damage. This can make it more difficult to work out in the future, or even discourage you from being active. Your sports bra should never be cutting off circulation or causing other discomfort. To make sure that never happens, let's review how to find the right size sports bra. Make sure you are wearing a non-padded bra while taking measurements.


To find your band size, you first need to measure your rib cage size. While wearing your non-padded bra, measure around the bottom band of your bra and rib cage while exhaling. Your measuring tape should be snug and be sure you are measuring in inches. Based on this measurement, you can determine your band size. Bombshell Sportswear's sizes are below:

25 to 26 inches: 30. 27 to 28 inches: 32. 29 to 30 inches: 34. 31 to 32 inches: 36. 33 to 34 inches: 38. 35 to 36 inches: 40. Cup Size

There are a few steps to finding your cup size. First, measure the circumference of your bust in inches while wearing your non-padded bra. If you haven't already, measure your rib cage size by measuring around the bottom band of your bra while exhaling. Finally, you will take your bust size in inches and subtract your rib cage size in inches to determine your cup size. This difference determines your cup size:

A 1 inch difference will be A cup. A 2 inch difference will be B cup. A 3 inch difference will be C cup A 4 inch difference will be D cup. A 5 inch difference will be DD/E cup. A 6 inch difference will be DDD cup.

At Bombshell Sportswear, our sports bras are available in a range of sizes from small to XL. Our recommendations for best fit are:

XS: 32A and 32B XS or S: 32A S: 32C, 32D, 32DD, 34B, 34C, 36A, 36B S or M: 34D, 36C M: 34DD, 36D, 36DD, 38A, 38B L: 38C, 38D, 38DD XL: 38DDD, 40C, 40DD

If you are ever in doubt, check the individual sports bra to see how true to size the tops run. This will help you determine which way to move if you are between sizes. If you have any questions about our sports bras, please feel free to reach out to us. We would be happy to help in any way we can.