Do Leggings Work Better for Certain Workouts?

Leggings have taken the fitness world by storm in recent years, loved for their comfortable fit and sculpting benefits. Unlike traditional sweatpants, workout leggings are akin to compression pants. Designed with fabrics like spandex, nylon, and polyester, leggings built for fitness can enhance your performance from start to finish. The question is, are they better for certain types of workouts? This is to ask; what types of activity are leggings most suitable for? The good thing is that because they're so versatile, leggings can essentially be worn for any type of activity you love doing! Seriously, from the gym to the outdoors, leggings are the go-to pants for women everywhere. Here are a few different types of workouts that leggings can really come in handy for.


When getting your Zen on in a yoga session, leggings are a great companion. The last thing you want is to rip a pair of shorts or have your pants feel uncomfortable when you're in a specific position. You'll be participating in all kinds of bending, twisting, and other movements that call for pants with stretch. With leggings, you'll have the mobility required for yoga. Plus, so long as they fit perfectly, they won't budge. High-waisted leggings will stay put as you move through the flow. From Downward Dog and Child's Pose to Happy Baby and Warrior, you can spend more time feeling relaxed in your yoga flow instead of worrying about an outfit malfunction.

Cardio Work

Cold muscles are tight and stiff, which is no good when you're getting ready to crush a run, get into a HIIT workout, or even go on a hike. Leggings can be of use here, as they help retain body heat. This preserved heat will help warm and loosen your muscles, preparing them for the work ahead. After you've warmed up and stretched, you'll be ready to go! Your leggings will give you the stretch, breathability, and overall functionality needed. Standard shorts or sweats just don't compare. Note that we do not recommend leggings during the summer when temperatures are high, as overheating can occur.


The great thing about leggings is that the compression provided by the fabrics actually enhances blood flow. This is so crucial during any workout, but especially when weightlifting. You need all the support you can get when you're squatting, doing lunges, or any other movement. Even on upper body focused days, you need your legs to be stable and strong to help get you through your training session. Your leggings will keep muscles warm and loose, offsetting the chance for injury. With great blood flow in your legs, the creatine kinase enzyme that your muscles produce—which causes those painful aches and pains the day after—is minimized. That's right – workout leggings can even positively affect your recovery! Even if your thing is CrossFit, collegiate sports, or bodybuilding, leggings provide the support female athletes of all kinds need.

These are just a few of the many types of workouts you can do in leggings. Others include dance-centric fitness like Zumba, exercising with bands, biking, and so much more. While there are certain situations that they aren't ideal—like outdoor fitness in the summer heat—workout leggings are versatile and capable of handling almost anything. When you need compression, mobility, and breathability, leggings should be your go-to. Who knew that leggings didn't just look great, but helped propel you to better performance in the gym, too?

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