The Best Way to Store Your Sports Bra

Finding the perfect set of sports bras for you, whether it is for comfort around the house, intense cardio at the gym, or going for a run is like winning the lottery. Once you find the right sports bra that not only fits you and feels good but makes you look smoking hot, too, it becomes a fave and you want that bra to last forever.

Unfortunately, if you don't care for your sports bras properly the lifespan of your favorite shortens considerably. Proper care doesn't just cover how to wash and dry them either. How you store your sports bra is essential for keeping it and you looking your best in it for a long time. Here are the steps for proper sports bra storage.

  1. If it has a clasp, always clasp the back or front. This ensures that you don't get the clasps caught up in other clothing which could stretch the bra or create catches in your other bras or clothing.
  2. Categorize your sports bras like your bras. You probably have quite a few different bras like a bralette, underwire with a cup, and so on. We recommend categorizing your bras as well as sports bras together by style. For example, if you have our Fit Camo sports bras in different colors as well as our Snap Seamless bras, fold the Snap Seamless with other Snap Seamless bras, the Fit Camo with your other Fit Camo sports bras. This helps maintain your sports bra integrity.
  3. Don't roll or fold them. While it is true that rolling and folding will save you a lot of space, it's not good in helping your sports bra maintain its natural shape. Folding the cups within each other may ruin the center gore.
  4. Store your sports bras separately from your other undergarments if at all possible.
  5. Don't neglect your other sports bras! It is easy to fall in love with our sports bras, but don't play favorites! Rotating the bras you love to wear will help with the care and longevity of your bras.

Keep these easy tips in mind, as well as following our product care instructions to ensure your favorite Bombshell sports bras will turn heads and look as well as feel amazing.