How Tight Should Compression Leggings Be?

Compression leggings are some of the most comfortable and versatile type of athletic pants available, totally changing the game for athleisure worldwide. Today, they're the choice bottoms for women exercising in the gym, yoga studio, outdoors, and elsewhere. Even men style compression leggings under shorts because they're so comfortable and offer post-workout recovery benefits. When shorts just aren't the move on a cold day, compression leggings are there to add to your workout outfit and provide the comfort you need while exercising. However, not all leggings are the same. Sometimes, they can be too tight and that becomes distracting when you're trying to focus on those sprints or squats. When they're much too tight, they can even affect blood circulation. Here are a few ways that will help you determine if your compression leggings don't fit correctly.

The Waist is Constricting

This will be the most evident sign that your compression leggings don't fit. Once pulled on, you may notice a restrictive feeling that squeezes your hips and stomach. This is not how compression leggings should feel! If they're giving you a "muffin top" look, they're simply too tight. This is especially true if the waistband has elastic in it, which is a no in our book. While compression leggings are supposed to be tight, they've crossed the line at this point, in which case you'll need to go up a size. Keep in mind they're designed to compress your thighs and lower legs, but not cause discomfort in your waist.

They Move When You Bend

When you bend down, do your leggings slip down? This may be because the waistband isn't high enough. This isn't because they're too big, but there is not enough material for them to stay in place. It may not seem like a huge deal when trying them on, but when working out, you absolutely don't want to be constantly pulling them up. Since compression leggings don't have a drawstring, the cut of the waist should be a bit higher to hold your assets in place as you run, bike, lift weights, and do yoga. While they should offer total freedom of movement, your leggings should never feel like they're sliding down.

What is The Right Fit for Compression Leggings?

So now you know what to look out for with compression leggings that are too tight, how are these pants really supposed to fit? As a compression garment, they should be ever so slightly challenging to pull on, but not impossible. A tightness should be felt in the legs and posterior, but not so tight as to feel as if circulation is cut off. Once fully on, the waist should be motionless as you bend over, squat down, or lunge. It should also feel quite comfortable and do a great job on not squeezing your stomach and hips.

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