How Bust Size Affects What Sports Bra to Wear

You've finally found the perfect sportswear outfit that is everything you ever imagined. You may already know all about the low, medium, and high impact sports bras too and have chosen what you think is exactly what you need based on what workout you love doing.

But what about your bust size? Should you be factoring that in before choosing the right sports bra for you? Does it affect what you should wear? If you're wondering how your bust size affects what sports bra to wear we are here to help explain.

Why Sports Bras are Important for Any Size

As a woman with a smaller bust, support is still crucial. Not any sports bra will do. Sports bras were created to keep breasts not only fully supported, but to control breast-weight movement. Physical activity will make your bust move without the great support and that repetitive movement can result in soreness, pain, and eventually sagging. It doesn't matter what size you are, everyone experiences bouncing during physical activity, and a sports bra is specifically engineered to reduce this movement. While breasts have no muscle, without proper support the skin and Cooper's ligaments (ligaments near the breast that give them their size and shape) can begin to break down. That breaking down causes sagging, and once your Cooper's ligaments are stretched out they do not bounce back, unfortunately.

Larger Bust Sizes Need More Support No Matter the Activity

Female athletes with a larger bust often experience much greater movement when engaging in activities, whether they are low-impact or high-impact. This calls for extra support within a sports bra women with smaller chests may not need to accommodate the heavier weight and additional reduction of movement. Women with larger busts often have an increased risk of upper back pain due to the weight of their breasts straining muscles and ligaments in the back. Larger busted women who wear less supportive bras may experience more discomfort in the neck, shoulder, and back. Larger bust sizes may need to consider wearing high-impact sports bras with additional granted support along with the band and straps.

How your bust size affects what sports bra to wear comes down to the amount of support you will need. The large your chest, the greater need for support and comfort. When looking for the ultimate in both on-trend style and comfy support, make sure you check out our gorgeous sports bras.