Booty Gains Tips and Tricks

We all know squats are an amazing tool to get and keep that booty shape you've always wanted. But we have some fantastic tips to help you achieve those next-level booty gains. Just remember that it takes patience, hard work, and a lot of food (you heard us right, food!) but trust us, it's so worth it and we know you can do this!

Booty Tip 1: Activate that Glute

Activate your glutes with a series of warm-up exercises that you can do before your workout sesh. You hear time and time again how important it is to warm up and stretch before working out, and it is just as important for your glutes so that they can fire up correctly for the oncoming workout.

Booty Tip 2: Glute Isolation

Isolation exercises are movements that focus entirely on one area of the body. Squats are a booty staple, but did you know they aren't considered an isolation workout? Squats will make your glutes work, but they also engage your quads and hamstrings. That makes squats what's called a compound exercise. You'll want to keep doing your squats but incorporate other exercises into your routines that focus on your beautiful booty.

Here are some of our favorite glute isolation exercises for you to consider adding to your routines:

  • Deadlifts
  • Donkey Kicks
  • Glute Bridges
  • Hip Thrusts
Booty Tip 3: A Little Pain in the Butt

A little bit of muscle soreness in your glutes after a good workout is a good sign. It's due to the small muscle fiber tears, created by using the right intensity when you work out. Feeling the burn the next day is a sure-fire sign you're doing exactly what you need to do.

Booty Tip 4: Eat

Your booty is a muscle with a fat layer. To enhance your behind, you need to both increase the size of the muscle and add that fat layer to make it appear rounder and shapelier. To do that, you need to fuel your body so that it can repair your growing muscles from your glute isolation exercises. Eat healthy carbs around your routines and make sure to get plenty of protein, especially post-workout. Protein will help you increase lean muscle mass and high-calorie healthy foods will help add to that needed fat layer.

We think it's amazing that you have goals to work toward, and in the meantime, why not showcase the hard work you've already put into your glorious booty with our premium shorts, leggings, and more!