The Materials Used in Our Leggings

The secret to confidence is being true to yourself, appreciating your uniqueness, and the hard work and preservation of your health and wellness. You take care of yourself. You know your body better than anyone. You know exactly how far to push, how much further you can go, and are proud of the effort in every aspect of your life.

You don't emulate someone else's life or style because you know exactly what you like and what perfectly suits you. Finding your signature style in every aspect of what you do helps make every outfit you wear feel personal and confident. Clothing is that extension of yourself and when you wear a powerful outfit you feel powerful too, feeling like you can take on the world and anything it throws at you. Dressing the part is one aspect of self-confidence and is a direct correlation of our potential.

This is one of the driving, key factors behind our exclusive collection of the hottest on-trend luxury athleisure wear we create. Your confidence is essential, in what we make and in what we wear. That's why we are vigilant in using in-house experience and design paired with top performance and luxe materials for our leggings. You want the best, and we always want to provide it.

Material choice is extremely important in having a long-lasting, premium look, feel, and durability for our leggings. You can't make top-of-the-line with just any material and expect to stand out, so we spent years meticulously choosing the right fibers, weaves, and materials to craft our signature leggings. Let's break down why we're one of the number one go-to shops for women across the country for distinctive luxury leisure sportswear.


The first viable synthetic fiber and famously used in the creation of women's stockings. Nylon is incredibly stretchy with quick-drying properties and excellent mildew-resistance. An important aspect of using nylon for our beautiful athleisure leggings is that it is also breathable, wicking sweat away from the skin so that it evaporates, keeping you cool as well as comfortable. Another reason why we chose nylon is that it is as sumptuous to wear.


Polypro blended material won't absorb water, and like nylon, is another synthetic that is extremely excellent with moisture transfer abilities; unlike other fabrics that might cling to the skin and become weighted from moisture, polypro passes that moisture through to evaporate in the air. Polypro fiber material also allows evaporation to happen at a higher, faster rate. This means that you'll feel fresher, cooler, and far more comfortable when you're pushing yourself at the gym.

Micro Poly

A micro-fiber version of the popular poly fabric with fiber threads at a diameter of fewer than 10 micrometers (finer than one single denier. Denier refers to the thickness of individual fibers that make up the threads of said fabric). To compare, one denier in fabric terms is roughly the diameter of a strand of genuine silk, which is about 1/5th the diameter of a human hair! Yet another fantastic material for an exceedingly soft material that is extremely tough, durable, water repellent, excellent wicking material, and exciting electrostatic characteristics such as little to no static cling and thermal resistance.


Yet another powerhouse hydrophobic fiber with moisture regain of only 0.4%. Lower regain value means polyester doesn't absorb or hold water molecules, so the sweat you generate from your body is never absorbed by our leggings and avoids awkward sticking and is excellent at wicking it away. Because of polyester's molecular structure, this material is also rugged and highly flexible.

Spandex and Lycra Spandex

Spandex, also known as Lycra or Lycra spandex is what allows our leggings to be able to stretch, up to six times their normal length—and snap back in place without worry of your leggings becoming baggy or losing their attractive shape. Yet another moisture-wicking material, dries fast and gives our leggings an unrestricted range of motion for all activities without sacrificing breathability.

Why Use Blended Materials? 60% nylon and 32% polypro with 8% spandex. You might be wondering, what does that mean and why do we blend our sumptuous leggings? Blending the highest-quality materials made from the top fibers created in the U.S. today ensures that we develop and offer leggings specifically tailored to exactly what you need. Combining the attributes of nylon, polyester, polypro, micro-poly, and spandex achieves a wide range of material weight, comfort, style, and looks catered to covering our customer's demands for high-performance sportswear that looks stunning.

The materials and fabrics we use in our leggings matter tremendously, right down to the exact percentage we choose to use in each carefully engineered fiber. Bombshell Sportswear is endlessly striving to improve both the feel, durability, and longevity of our fabrics while always being one step ahead of luxury fashion trends.

While other leggings turn into a saggy mess of material or stretch too far as to become see-through, or worse, tear, ours will have you worry free at yoga, on the bench, on a dance floor or leading a fitness class.

We know that feeling confident in whatever you wear is key. Worrying about what materials are used in your leggings or whether they will be able to stand up to your active lifestyle is something you don't need in your life.

Let our leggings empower you; be strong, be confident wearing the best in alluring, fun, and opulent athleisure wear that will move with you no matter what.