Surprising Benefits of Working Out in Leggings

Have you ever convinced yourself not to buy a pair of the more expensive leggings or sports bra for something much more affordable, but wondered if the more expensive lavish pair were worth it? You've no doubt heard the phrase to dress for success and while that is a positive for professional life, it also applies to your workouts.

There are several reasons why professional, specifically engineered, and bespoke workout gear such as tanks, leggings, bodysuits, shorts, and more have become a standard for most fitness enthusiasts from beginner to expert to licensed trainers. There is less and less reason to have buyer's remorse these days when you compare the benefits of working out in leggings that have been specially created to be high-performance and well worth your hard-earned cash.


When looking for compression, we offer sumptuous, flirty, and fun options with our heavyweight leggings. Whether you're rocking your Sexy Back's or Thigh-Highs, there are some fantastic benefits to wearing compression leggings when you're working out.


Wearing compression leggings will provide you much better support to keep your body stabilized as you train hard. When you exercise, compression leggings add pressure to your calves, thighs, and glutes to support some of the strain as you use these muscles.

Oxygen flow – Compression wear assists in helping the flow of oxygen. Oxygen fuels your muscles as you work out, powering you to go further and faster. As the heart is responsible to deliver oxygen to muscles, blood passes through the lungs where it picks up the much-needed oxygen to deliver to those muscles you're straining. Once the oxygenated blood reaches those muscles, it picks up waste lactic acid on the way and deoxygenated returns to the heart through your veins. Then the whole process starts over.

Lactic acid is responsible for tiring you and your muscles out. The key to beating that is helping your body deliver the oxygen you need more efficiently and that's where compression leggings can help.

Muscle Oscillation - If you've spotted this term in compression gear and always wondered what it meant, this is the movement of the muscle that happens as your foot hits the ground and then vibrations ripple through your body. Our compression leggings aim to limit this kind of vibration to prevent micro-trauma to your muscles.

Compression leggings:
  • Improves body temp control
  • Help reduce ankle oedema or edema (swelling and fluid retention)
  • Improves circulation
  • Speeds up muscle recovery
  • Speeds up lactic acid removal
  • Reduces exercise-induced muscle trauma
  • Improves endurance
  • Boots strength and power
  • Speeds up lactic acid removal
Mental Boost

It's no secret—or it shouldn't be by now, that when you feel good and look good in what you are wearing, you benefit from a mood and mental boost. Some experts call this, "enclothed cognition," which references that mental shift you experience when wearing certain clothing. A study in the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology suggests that clothing influences our behavior and attitudes because of its symbolic meaning. What you wear does subconsciously change how you feel and act.

When you put on new fitness gear, you begin to get into character almost like wearing a costume. You become more mentally prepared for the task at hand and more inclined to not only be active but make you feel confident in your abilities that may lead to improved focus, motivation, and gains.

Could Boost Performance

That mental boost isn't just a mood improvement. The power of a great pair of leggings, a supportive and supremely comfortable, flattering sports bra, the right footwear, all of it can affect your training not to mention how crucial it is to have the right gear for the activities you do—whether that is a calming yoga session or an hour in the studio. What you wear will almost always directly affect how you perform.

You probably don't wear your favorite push-up or balconette when hitting the gym, and no doubt have a different set of shoes for running, shoes for walking and shoes for a night out—so why wear clothing that isn't suited to the activities you want to do in them?

Not to mention if the right fabric is used, the benefits of working out in our leggings also include:

  • Quick drying
  • Soft feel
  • An extraordinary range of movement and stretch
  • Wrinkle-free
  • Medium – Heavyweight adds compression, slimming support
  • Anti-bacterial that keeps sweat and moisture away from your skin
  • Moisture-wicking – the process of lifting moisture away from the skin and passing through the material to be evaporated, which keeps you cool and from overheating.
  • Seamless – our seamless leggings are made with today's most exciting weaving techniques to create leggings that won't pinch, rub, dig, chafe, or irritate.

The benefits of working out in leggings are surprisingly numerous! Plus, you've worked unimaginably hard to get to where you are today, show off your efforts, and gorgeous physique flawlessly. Snap that selfie at home, in the middle of rep at the gym, on the beach or out on the town, you deserve to look great!

So, what are you waiting for? It is time to ditch the worn-out shirt and battered cut-offs for proper fitness or loungewear that is made to make you feel and look like a goddess. At Bombshell Sportswear, take opulence and comfort wherever you go with the right pair of leggings that will always move, breathe, and flatter your body no matter what.