Sock Leggings FAQ’s

  • Do the sock leggings show sweat?

Our Sock Leggings are made to hide moderate sweat, however keep in mind any fabric you workout in can show sweat. If you are concerned about sweat stains we recommend staying away from the lighter colored fabrics.

  • Are your sizes true to size?

Our sizes are true to size. Our fabric stretches out a lot more than most athletic compression fabrics. We recommend purchasing the same size you normally wear in leggings. If you are still unsure as to what size to order, you can hash-tag #BombshellSportswear on Instagram to view many women wearing our leggings. Find your body-type and send them a quick DM inquiring about what size they are wearing? 

  • Do these leggings fit shorter girls?

We did our best to manufacture leggings that will adjust to different heights. This is one of the reasons why we developed these leggings using a very stretchy, lightweight fabric that forms to your body. Many customers who wear our leggings range from 5’1” to 5 11”. The stripes on the sock leggings should fit snug right around your calves to hold in the correct place. If they are too long for your liking, some women curl up the bottom ankle of the sock. For taller women, the mesh-sock part will stretch upward quite a bit.

  • Can I machine wash and dry my leggings?

Yes! You can machine wash and dry. Sock Leggings should be washed completely separate from all other clothing. Our fabrics do not bleed, however other types of clothing washed together can result in the white fabric stripes turing a different color. The reason we recommend air dry on your care label is because these leggings are very quick drying. If you lay them on a flat surface they should dry in about 10-15 mins. Why put leggings through all the wear and tear of a tumble dry with heat when you don’t have to?

  • I have a hole in my leggings?

Holes in your sock leggings can occur if you pull aggressively on the fabric with sharp nails. We suggest pulling up on the mesh sock portion of fabric at the seam while putting on. For longevity of your leggings please handle with care. 

  • What type of fabrics do you use?

We use a lightweight polyester and spandex special blend. Our fabrics are fabulously soft and very stretchy. These leggings are like wearing second skin. We do not use thick compression fabrics. Our sock leggings fabrics are very flattering and shape the natural curves of a female body while the textured design helps hide imperfections. Because of the lighter weight of our fabrics we do suggest wearing your sock leggings for light to moderate workouts or everyday street wear.   

  • Why do some sock leggings fit me differently?

All of our leggings are manufactured from the same poly and spandex blend fabric. Each color has to undergo a dying process. Depending on the color dye used, it could change the texture of the fabric slightly. All fabric goes through a relaxing process before cutting. We assure you all of our leggings are cut to the exact same size.

  • I have a thread sticking out of my leggings?

A thread sticking out of a seam is very common. This does not mean your leggings are coming undone. Part of the manufacturing process requires many threads to be cut off at the seams before the garments are pressed, folded and packaged to ship out. If you see threads poking out, simply cut it off with scissors close to the seam, avoid cutting the fabric portion of your tights.

  • Why is my waistband bunching up?

Elastic on our knee-high sock leggings is stitched in all the way around the waistband at the top to avoid flipping. If the elastic is bunching up at the bottom simply pull on the sides and bottom portion to flatten out once you put on to straighten out the waistband. Once properly in place it should lay flat. The elastic waistband was designed to fit snug to stay in place while working out. We only sew in the top portion of the waistband and not the bottom so you will not lose the stretch factor. This is to secure the band in place  If we tack down the bottom part of the elastic it will not allow the fabric to stretch out and the leggings will not fit properly. The waistband was developed to allow for a ¼” stretch from the bottom seam while being worn to give women extra room to pull up to their desired position. If your waistband is bunching up more than what you think is normal, you might want to go up one size, as it might be too tight around your waistline.

  • My waistband is curling over at the top?

Our knee-high sock leggings were designed to fit tighter on the waist and larger on your backside and hips. If the waistband is not lying flat and flipping over you might want to try going up one size. We do not recommend folding over your elastic. It was not designed to do this and might leave a permanent crease in your elastic waistband.

  • Defects: 

If you feel your leggings have a defect upon delivery please contact us right away to return or an exchange at We will not allow damaged items to be returned if they have been worn or exceed our 14 day exchange policy.