Shorts Vs. Leggings

So, you're in a dilemma between wearing shorts or legging for the day's workout and can't seem to decide. After all, both are super stylish and fit great! How can you possibly choose? This is a decision made easy by asking one question – what are the needs of your workout? Will you be running or hitting the weight for leg day? Here are a few scenarios where leggings are the better choice over shorts, and vice versa. However, the choice ultimately comes down to your comfort level.

Workout Leggings
    1. Leg Workouts

      Legs make up over half your body, so training them is very demanding. Because of this, you need the most support you can get to maximize your results every time your work them out. Workout leggings like ours are designed for comfort and style, offering you excellent support for your entire legs. The compression provided by materials like spandex and polyester has many benefits outside of beautifully silhouetting your figure! This compression enhances blood flow, helping you to perform better during your workout.

    2. Cardio-Based Training

      Like the above, leggings are also useful during cardio-based training. Whether you're performed steady-state cardio (like walking on the treadmill) or a HIIT workout, leggings offer the type of support needed for the work you're putting them through. The compression of the fabrics is thought to minimize the production of the creatine kinase enzyme in the muscles, which causes that painful build-up of lactic acid as well as muscle spasms and soreness. By wearing leggings, you can realistically improve your recovery while looking bomb at the same time.

    3. Cold Weather Training/Activity

      Headed out on for run or hike during the colder months? Leggings will better insulate your legs while you're outdoors, helping to retain your body heat and keep your muscles warm.

Workout Shorts
    1. Bike Training

      Whether you're hopping on your Peloton® or an outdoor bike, shorts may be a better choice for you than leggings. This is because as you're riding, you don't want to risk the off chance of fabric getting in your bike chain or snagging against the frame. Workout shorts, especially our Shape Shorts, are designed much like leggings. They offer the same stretch and comfort with additional breathability. When you're cruising through an instructor-led ride or one on your own through your neighborhood, you'll appreciate the coolness of shorts.

    2. Hot Weather Training

      If you live in a hot weather state or enjoy training outdoors in the summer, a pair of shorts will keep you from overheating. Although leggings are designed to wick away moisture and keep you cool, it may not be enough in very hot weather. Save your leggings for indoor and fall/winter workouts.

General Preference

In general, you might be proud of the legs you've built over time. If so, show them off! A great pair of shorts will sculpt your thighs and backside so you can feel even more confident at the gym or out and about wherever you go. Sometimes, you just feel like wearing a pair of stylish shorts to flaunt the progress you've made.

As mentioned, the choice between shorts versus leggings depends on your needs and comfort level. Some will value the full-leg compression benefits of leggings, while others will gravitate to wearing sculpting shorts for their workouts. When you shop with Bombshell Sportswear, you can get the best of both worlds. Our high-quality selection of leggings and shorts offers a wide range of different styles and colors, so you never truly have to choose! We use performance fabrics that specifically cater to your needs in athleisure wear. Take a look at our inventory and pick up a few pairs of both leggings and shorts so you're always prepared for any type of workout that lies ahead!