How to Stay Active on Vacation

Something that we all look forward to year after year is vacation. We count down the days in anticipation of those days free of our everyday responsibilities, so we can simply kick back and relax! Whether you're taking a few days, a week, or even more time, having the opportunity to rest and recharge is much needed after months of putting in the work in your career, at school, or as a mom (or even a mix of these). One hiccup people encounter when they go full-on vacation mode is that they fall out of their routine. The workout regimen, the healthy food choices, and whatever else you may do to keep your active lifestyle going is suddenly placed on the backburner. Maybe your family or friend group isn't as active as you, so it's easier to just do what everyone else is doing. This may be okay for a day or two, but if you're used to being active, you may start to feel guilty with all the vacation eating, drinking, and lounging. Luckily, staying active on vacation is easy to do! You can have the best of both worlds by knocking out some physical activity AND spending quality time with your spouse, family, kids, and/or friends! Here are a few ways to stay active and keep your goals in focus while on vacation.

Bring Travel-Friendly Fitness Gear

There are many different types of equipment that easily fits into a suitcase or backpack. Where you're headed may not have a fitness center, but you can get a workout in when you prepare accordingly. For example, exercise bands can provide an excellent workout and are easy to pack. They're lightweight and fold into small spaces. TRX Systems are also a great option. These are more costly, but only require a door frame to get going.

Stay in A Fitness-Friendly Resort or Hotel

When booking a place to stay on your vacation, check to see if the location features a fitness center. Active living is increasingly popular, so hotels and resorts are accommodating those needs. Even if the gym is small, you can make it work! At the minimum, you can typically expect a treadmill and an assortment of dumbbells. You can knock out a weight-lifting workout with a little bit of HIIT mixed in. When finishing up, you can hop on a treadmill or other cardio equipment to get your heart rate into the fat-burning zone.

It's best to try to get into your resort or hotel's fitness center as early as possible. That way, you have your exercise complete and can spend the rest of the day with your family and/or friends.

Book an Outdoor Activity

This is a great way to include the entire group and get everyone doing something active. Check out the different types of outdoor activities available to you where you're staying. If you're on a resort out of the country, maybe there are snorkeling opportunities or ATV riding and kayaking. Take a day to get outside and make fun memories with your group along the way! If your vacation lasts a week, consider booking more than one excursion. You may be surprised to find that everyone is just as excited as you are to engage in the outdoor activity.

Keep Hydration in Mind

This is an easy one to slip up on! If you're like most, vacation is a great time to celebrate with friends and family with an alcoholic drink or two. Make sure you have enough water throughout the day to offset dehydration. This is also important if you veer off your diet—which you likely will because hey, it's vacation—because you can't control the amount of sodium in the foods you don't prepare. Drinking enough water will keep that dreaded sodium bloat at bay! When you're focused on staying active while on vacation, hydration is a directly related factor.

Pack a few water bottles in your cooler for the day. You can also bring along a cute water jug to keep nearby. There are tons of these available now, so you won't have to carry around a plastic gallon water jug like all the guys at the gym have.

Walks Are Your Friend

Maybe your aim is to simply keep moving while on vacation. Make a point to take a long walk every day if you can! This is a time where you can catch up with family or friends or make it your "me time" moment. If you wear a smart watch, try to get your heart rate into a fat-burning zone to get the most out of your walk. These can be taken whenever time allows – morning, afternoon, or evening. The important thing is that you're making the choice to be active!

It's easy to stay active no matter where your vacation takes you. With a little preparation and dedication, you can keep your goals in sight and have a great time while on your vacation. When packing for your trip, be sure to add a few of our stylish sports bras, shorts, tees, tanks, and more!