How to Hand Wash and Machine Wash Sportswear Apparel

Whether it is a scorching summer day or you've finished one of the toughest sessions at the gym, you're going to sweat and your favorite bodysuit, sports bras, tees, tanks, leggings or shorts will need to be washed. No one wants their clothing to hold on to their sweat nor the smell that may arise from it. Taking care of your new garments will not only make your athleisure gear last longer but smell better and retain their shape through wash after wash.

If you're wearing your favorite gray camo pocket thigh-highs to work out in, you need to wash them after every session. Your luxe thigh-highs are absorbing your sweat, and not to mention the dead skin cells and oil that your body creates when you're working hard, and any of our pieces, if worn during a workout, will no doubt get dirtier than normal clothing. This means that your Bombshell sportswear will need to be cleaned more frequently.

Since we use premium athletic blends of the highest quality fabric to make your gear the ultimate in comfort, fit, and stretch, it is crucial to care for our activewear in a manner that differs from normal clothing.


The first thing to note is that if your favorite pair of leggings is one of our sock leggings, they must be hand-washed. This is to guarantee our leggings retain their perfect shade to always flatter you no matter what and to keep the high-tech fabrics used to give you that satiny stretch protected, as the agitation of the wash can begin to break down the materials that give our leggings their luxurious soft fit.

The second thing to note is that no matter which piece of your Bombshell gear is being washed, the water must always be cold. Never use hot water when cleaning your high-performance athleisurewear.

Third, and lastly, never use fabric softener or any detergent that is not specifically made for activewear or any detergent stronger than mild.

  • Our exclusive sock leggings must always be hand-washed.
  • Always use cold water.
  • Never use fabric softener.
  • Never use anything stronger than mild detergent, or wash with specially formulated activewear detergents.
How to Handwash our Athleisurewear

Handwashing your thigh-highs sounds more difficult than it is, trust us. All you need is:

  • A sink large enough to hold your leggings
  • Cold water
  • Distilled white vinegar
  • Mild detergent
  • Avoid washing our thigh-high or sock leggings with any other colored clothing, as other fabrics may bleed onto the white stripes or mesh of your leggings. Wash separately.

How to hand wash – Fill your sink with cold water and distilled white vinegar. One part vinegar to four parts cold water (for example, 1 cup of vinegar to 4 cups of water) is a great mix. We recommend using distilled white vinegar as a pre-soak because vinegar will help break the bond between body soil (sweat, oils, skin cells) and the fabric while being gentle enough to keep the structure of the fabric intact. It's inexpensive and the gentle level of acids will cut through body oils to release dirt and debris that will be flushed away with rinsing.

Make sure your clothing is fully submerged and that the apparel is fully saturated with the vinegar and water and let soak for at least 15 minutes or 30 minutes for heavily soiled.

Once your activewear has soaked, drain the sink, and rinse it thoroughly with water until the vinegar smell is gone. Vinegar won't linger on your clothing when well-rinsed. Refill your sink with cold water and use very mild detergent or detergent specially formulated for activewear.

Swish your leggings, bodysuit, thigh-highs, or any piece you have decided to hand wash in the soapy water for a few minutes to get the material saturated with water and detergent. Gently massage the clothing item to loosen any further dirt and debris, making sure to press the water into the clothing rather than wringing them. Once you are satisfied your item is clean, drain the water from the sink and rinse them thoroughly in the cold water until no soap or soap bubbles are present and they feel clean.

It's important to rinse well to remove any remaining detergent, as leftover detergents may cause your activewear to begin to smell mildewed. Too much detergent is never a good thing.

Hand your item to air-dry, and voila! You're done and they can be worn again as soon as they are dry.

How to Machine Wash your Active Wear

If you are washing everything in the washer (Remember! Do not put our exquisite thigh-high leggings in a machine! Hand wash only!) there are some important pieces of information and instructions you should follow to guarantee the longevity, durability, and beautiful shape of your luxe-leisure pieces.

  • Turn every piece inside out first.
  • Avoid washing with other clothes to ensure the bleeding of colors from other fabrics never occurs.
  • Cold water washes only.
  • If your machine allows you to do so, pre-soak with vinegar and water for at least 15 before washing.
  • Don't use too much detergent. Pre-measured packets or pods will often hold more than what you need. Use far less than what you think you'll need to wash.
  • Do NOT use fabric softener.
  • NEVER use bleach, as bleach fades the color of your fabrics quickly and may break down specially formulated activewear fibers and fabrics.
  • Machine wash delicate or quick wash cycle.

The greatest collection of sweat and dirt is often inside of our workout clothes. Turning them inside out exposes the worst side to the wash first. Make sure to close any zippers and tie any drawstrings in a bowtie before tossing in the machine to avoid issues with snagging and keep your colors bright.

Once your clothing has been washed on a delicate cycle in cold water, remove from the machine and lay flat to air dry. Our apparel will dry quickly so it can be put away or worn again.

Tips and Tricks:
  • Self-tanners and bronzers of any kind can stain your clothing and may not wash out. Be cautious.
  • Seamless – All of our seamless exclusives should be machine washed on their own, gentle, or delicate cycle and mild detergent. Avoid fragrances, dyes, brighteners, or fabric softeners. Keep them separate and away from anything abrasive, including Velcro.

Remember the basics, cold water only, handwash Thigh-Highs, gentle cycle, air-dry, no bleach, no fabric softeners, wash separate and let air dry and you'll no doubt soon notice how much longer your athleisure wear is lasting, how soft it remains, and how it continues to hug your curves in all the ways you like while being the ultimate in durability and ruggedness. Take care of your luxe-sportswear and you will see them return the same when it comes to comfort and timeless style.