Benefits of Layering Clothing at the Gym

When you're working out at home, outdoors, or in the gym, you might find that it takes time for you to work up a sweat and increase your heart rate. It may be that when you do cross over into a fat-burning BPM, you have difficulty maintaining your heart rate in that zone. This is one of the many reasons why you've seen others working out in layers. Is layering your clothing right for you? Here are a few key benefits to wearing a long sleeve t-shirt or hoodie over your primary layer that may just take your workouts to the next level!

You'll Have A Better Workout

Wearing layers can drastically improve your workout almost immediately. When the weather is cold, you allow your car to warm up for a few minutes, right? Why is that? Because as the car heats up, it gives important areas like the engine time to warm and the windshield to defrost. Plus, it's more comfortable to drive instead of hopping in when the car has been sitting in 20° weather all night.

Think of your body in a similar manner. Maybe you've just woken up or you've been working in the office all day. Cold muscles can contribute to injuries when not properly warmed up. When you wear layers, the clothing helps retain the heat your body produces, helping you to warm up much more easily. Pull on one of our hoodies overtop a tank or sports bra. If you're prefer wearing shorts for your workout, consider trading them out for leggings. As you stretch or perform warm-up cardio, you'll notice that you feel much warmer than usual. Should you feel that you've become overheated and uncomfortable, you can simply remove a layer and keep it moving. Your leggings should be fine without changing, as the material is designed to wick away moisture and provide maximum breathability.

Wearing base layers, like with leggings and fitted tees, the compression can also facilitate better performance. Because the tight fit increases the blood flow to your heart, you'll be able to continue on for longer periods of time. Some studies indicate that the tight fit of base layers even offsets muscle soreness and fatigue. When worn underneath layers, you'll have created the perfect outfit for gym gains!

You'll Sweat More

Sweating is important during any type of workout. As you sweat, you lose water weight. Struggling with bloat while on your period or after a day or two of not-so-great eating? Sweat is out! Plus, as you work up a sweat, your body naturally releases endorphins, which contribute to better mood. Should you choose to wear layers for your next workout, ensure you keep yourself hydrated.

Peace of Mind

Layering your gym attire gives you complete control over your bodily temperature. Whether you're feeling too hot or start to feel cold again, you can remove or add layers as you see fit. How you feel in the gym matters! Power through your workout without worrying about how hot or cold you're feeling.

How to Layer Workout Clothing

Interested in giving layering a go? It's easy to do, requiring just two or three layers depending on the weather.

First, begin with your base layers. These include your leggings (any of Bombshell's legging are ideal as a base layer!) and a fitted tee (or sports bra by itself if you primarily wear one as your gym top).

Next, layer a zip-up jacket, hoodie, or long-sleeve shirt. Some choose to layer shorts overtop leggings, but it's not necessary. Wear a hat as well to further enhance the benefit of layering, which can be removed whenever you feel too hot.

As you warm up, you can gradually remove your hoodie or jacket, and even your shirt if you enjoy working out in your sports bra. After your workout, you can replace your layers while finishing up with cardio or stretching.