Workout Leggings Storage Tips

So you found our amazing leggings and went on a shopping spree. You've got a pair in every style and you've made sure to look at our product care instructions so you'll always be able to rock a pair. But ladies, what do you do when you're done wearing and washing them? They don't go in a jumble in the drawer, do they?

Just like properly washing your workout clothing ensures they last longer, how you store them affects the lifespan greatly, too. If you want your leggings to last, here's the best workout legging storage:

1. If possible, don't store your workout leggings with your bras or any clothing that has buttons, clasps, and so on. You don't want to accidentally tear or cause a run in your leggings, so dedicate a drawer or organizer just for your workout leggings. Additionally, don't store leggings alongside very rough fabrics either if they must share a drawer. Avoid lace, belts, and so on.

2. Storing in a drawer by themselves most often isn't enough to keep them from becoming a messy, tangled pile. So here are the best tips for avoiding a frazzled heap of leggings to try and sort through:

  1. Roll your leggings. Fold your leggings in half lengthways, then starting from the ankle, roll them up toward the waistband until you reach the top. Then, organize your neatly rolled leggings however you like, whether it is by color, workout preference, or style.
  2. Bag your workout leggings. If you are tight on storage options, you can reach for those sandwich bags, silk bags, or even an organza storage pouch. Simply roll your workout leggings, as explained above, then place them gently inside the bag. This lets you quickly flick through your leggings without causing a mountainous mess.
  3. Be aware of any sharp edges. Try and keep aware of any sharp edges or rough objects during your workout, when wearing leggings, or when storing them. This helps prevent the risk of pulls.

With these simple workout legging storage tips and tricks in mind, you are well on your way to enjoying your Bombshell leggings for a long, long time. Check out our sensationally sexy leggings and refresh your athleisure wardrobe today.