Why T-Back Sports Bras are Better than Regular Straps

Most women know that they need to wear a sports bra when they exercise, but they are unsure about which style to pick. "How much support do I need? Should I wear thick straps or thin straps? Do T-backs perform better than bras with regular shoulder straps?

The answer is going to vary from person to person. Women with smaller chests probably don't need as much support as women with larger ones; similarly, thin straps might dig into a large-chested woman's shoulders and not offer the same amount of support that thicker straps do. It's all about what feels most comfortable to the woman in question and what activities she plans to do while wearing the bra.

If your sports bra with regular shoulder straps tends to make your neck and shoulders sore after wearing it all day, you're not alone. That's why a lot of companies have implemented racerbacks and T-backs into the designs of their sports bras. Whether you have a larger or smaller chest, sports bras with T-backs tend to be more comfortable simply because they don't dig into the shoulders. However, they also distribute the weight of a woman's breasts more evenly between all the muscles in her back, which gives those shoulders a much-needed rest. This improves women's postures during workouts and alleviates some of the aches caused by heavy, under-supported breasts.

T-backs are also great for women who struggle with sports bra straps that slide off their shoulders during vigorous workouts. Sports bras with T-backs stay nice and snug, giving you one less thing to worry about when you're busy getting your sweat on.

So, do bras with T-backs perform better than bras with regular shoulder straps? Yes, ESPECIALLY if you have a larger cup size. Another benefit, along with the amazing support T-back sports bras give, is that they're easy to style with any ensemble. That means, if you're pressed on time, you can wear your T-back bra for your morning workout, through your workday, and even during a girl's night out. You don't have to worry about shoulder straps showing under your favorite tank top, and with reduced pressure on your shoulders and rib cage, you'll have less lines to deal with from the bra digging into your skin. Say yes to T-back sports bras today.