How to Tell if a Workout Bodysuit Fits Properly

The bodysuit is a comfortable piece of fashion that can be worn at the gym, during home workouts, as loungewear, under layering, or even daily wear. They've become a wardrobe staple, and many are happy with the wide range of super easy-to-wear, versatile bodysuits available. As bodysuits are meant to stick to and accentuate your curves, it can be a bit difficult at first to know how to tell if a bodysuit fits properly. We might be tempted to go up a size, or down a size from our usual and end up with an improperly, uncomfortable bodysuit. Nobody wants that, as an uncomfortable bodysuit means you are likely to never wear it.

We'll discuss how to tell if a bodysuit fits properly so you'll always feel comfortable and confident.

Workout Bodysuit Length

Get the length of your bodysuit right when you're buying. Before you grab one of our sexy bodysuits for yourself, make sure you look at our sizing chart to compare so you know exactly what length you need. If you get the length wrong and it's too short, your bodysuit will constantly rise, cutting into your skin. If you get the length too long, you'll immediately notice baggy areas.

If you have the chance to try out a bodysuit in person, one trick to check for proper length is sitting down in them. This will immediately show you if it is too short or too loose. If you can sit normally without feeling pinched, or the bodysuit pulled too tightly, or the bodysuit doesn't turn sheer you've got the right size.

If you sit and you find that there's sagging at the shoulders or straps as well as bagginess at the knees, it is too loose.

Feels Like a Hug

Your bodysuit shouldn't look stretched or sheer on any part of your body. The properly fitted bodysuit feels like a hug, surrounding your body perfectly and blending into the contours of you effortlessly.

Check the Back

Now that bodysuit length and feel have been sorted, there's one last place to check. That's the rear. Again, if you notice that you can see the bodysuit has turned sheer (you can see skin or your underwear), it's too small. It should lay over your booty smoothly without creating sheer spots. If you notice bunching up or lose folds, the bodysuit is too big.

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