Finding the Best Shoes for Your Workout

Do you prefer to run or lift weights for your workout? Are you more of a stationary bike rider or someone who wants to do a little bit of it all with a HIIT workout? Depending on your favorite type of workout, you may need to invest in several types of shoes to workout in. Most experts will agree that it's more than just the workout you do, but the shoes as well. Not only could you injure your feet, but you could also injure your spine and back muscles from wearing the wrong shoes. Luckily, we have tips and suggestions for picking the best shoes for your workout.

Tips for Choosing the Right Shoes

  • The first thing to do is make sure that the shoe matches your feet's needs. If your feet have higher arches, you need to find shoes that offer more arch support than the standard shoes that don't. You also need wider shoes if you have wide feet. It may seem like those are things you can ignore, but ultimately they're important factors.
  • Determine what workouts you're going to do. If you're an avid runner, you'll need shoes that offer high impact support, whereas if you prefer to mix it up, you'll need some cross-trainers or even several types of shoes depending on what workout you choose for the day.
  • Once you've determined what type of shoe you need, look at the different options available. Look at the sole and tread, the cushioning, and the heel rise. Find what looks like it will fit best for your feet and for your workout.
  • Match your shoe to your workout. If you're hiking, you need shoes that offer a thick sole and tread, with a higher ankle cut. If you're doing circuit workouts, look at cross-training shoes that can support changing direction quickly, and offers the necessary support to keep you moving quickly. Walking is low impact, so you don't need a lot of cushioning, whereas running shoes will need cushioning to help soften the blow with every step. If you are choosing indoor workouts, a flat sole with minimal grooves will work just fine.

Now you know exactly what to look for while shoe shopping. You'll easily be able to find the right pair or pairs to fit your needs.