Best Shorts for Running

When your cardio of choice is running, you need a few things to ensure that you are able to run to your fullest potential. First, you need a great pair of running shoes. Those will help you from having back and foot pain and allow your body to properly land when running. After that, you need a good supportive sports bra that will keep you from having too much bouncing, otherwise you won't be able to concentrate on your run and you won't feel great either. Finally, you need a good pair of running shorts. Knowing what shorts are best for running can be tricky, as there are so many options on the market right now. Luckily, we break down exactly what you need to know.

What Shorts are Best for Running?

You need a few different things when looking at the best shorts for running. First, you'll want a good quick-dry material. Running is an intense form of cardio, so odds are you will get pretty sweaty while working out, which means that you need your shorts to dry off quickly, and keep you cool and lightweight, without the sweat bringing you down. With that being said, you'll want to look for material that is polyester, nylon, lycra, or even spandex, all materials that are known for drying very quickly. Cotton shorts are not recommended for runners as they tend to hold onto water, and that's the last thing you want when running several miles. Mesh detailing is a great option to add extra ventilation.

Compression shorts are another great option for running. Compression style shorts are not going to ride up, bunch or slide down while you're running, all of which can be uncomfortable and require frequent stops to fix. Instead, they'll slip over like a second skin, and you can seamlessly transition from a good run into a good yoga session to stretch your muscles out after.

In general, you'll want your running shorts to stay in place, so if you choose other than compression, you'll want to make sure the waistband fits properly or has a tie to ensure you get the right fit.