Best Activewear Colors for Summer 2021

Not everyone realizes this, but activewear is so much more than just activewear. In fact, it can be worn at any time of day, even if you're not running off to the gym or to a workout class. With that being said, just like your regular wardrobe, you'll want to refresh your workout attire with the best workout clothing colors for summer 2021. That's right, just like regular clothing these go through seasonal changes too. Check out the most popular colors!

Lilac or Violet

This beautiful hue is perfect for spring and summer. It'll energize you, relax you, and just look cute when you get dressed in a matching purple set.


You'll be feeling peachy-keen when you wear this bright color that energizes you just by looking at it. Studies have shown that when you wear brighter colors for your workouts, you actually will perform better and have more energy, making this pretty color a win-win.


Perfect for those ocean vibes, take your workout there when you wear a beautiful aqua blue set. You'll be comfortable and it's perfect for a pre-workout photo shoot to get some new pics for the 'Gram.

Tie Dye

This is one of the hottest trends since last year, and it is still going strong, with bright colors making it perfect for summer. Don't think about this as the traditional tie-dye with rainbow colors though. Think pops of pink and purple, green and blue, and more. We have matching sets that look stunning, or you can mix and match to create the look of your dreams.

Whether you are searching to do a full workout wardrobe refresh or just realize that you need some new outfits because yours get used just about daily, we have you covered. With our matching sets or options to mix and match, you can find the perfect trend that fits you, plus some options that stay cute and fashionable all year long.