About Us

The World's Sexiest Sportswear Brand!

Who are we?

Bombshell Sportswear is an innovative collection carefully created and developed for women who are fashion forward with everything in life, including sportswear. Our products will inspire and bring a high-end, flirty vibe to your fitness wardrobes. Our apparel allows women to be effortlessly sexy while being fit and fabulous. We believe you should love the skin you are in and reward yourself with something special that inspires you to perform better and stay motivated. Our dynamic duo of glam mixed with sportswear is the ultimate in luxury fitness couture. 

Bombshell Sportswear empowers women to be healthy, fearless, and feminine – to shine in the spotlight.” – CEO Dominique Zimmermann

What are we here to do?

The fitness industry has become a global phenomenon and our goal was to take ordinary sportswear and give it a luxurious makeover. We’ve infused a touch of glamour into fitness fashion to create an exciting, fun, performance driven athletic brand that stands out from the crowd. All of our designs are created in-house.

About our products…

Manufactured here in the USA. Blending comfort with style, our alluring collection focuses on the perfect tailored fit while incorporating sophisticated details that are youthful, flirtatious and cutting edge. We always strive to be one step ahead in developing the latest sporty trends that capture the true essence of athletic beauty

BOMB fabrics…

Our garments are manufactured with the highest quality. Bombshell Sportswear's special blend of fabrics have become known worldwide as "Second Skin." Combining ultra softness with fitness fabric technology our unique combination of threads will have you feeling like a million bucks. This brand makes a bold statement that will show off the Bombshell in every woman!

Our CEO, Dominique Zimmermann

"At Bombshell Sportswear we don't follow the trends, we create them!"

These words have been embraced by women all around the world as they sport BOMBSHELL SPORTSWEAR - a vibrant and sexy breath of fresh air that has entered the world of fashion and fitness by storm. In 2014 a brand was born through sweat, tears, dedication, and a passion for fitness and fashion by founder and creator, Dominique Zimmermann.

Our CEO, Dominique ZimmermannHow it all started: Dominique’s passion for fitness and fashion began when she was a young teen, growing up on the beaches of southern California. 

“Fitness became a part of who I am, part of my lifestyle. If you are going to stick with it, you have to feel good doing it, and that’s where fashion comes into play. There is something amazing about looking fashionable while going to the gym. Why not feel your best while working to be your best? Working out and being fit changed my life. I express the love I have for fitness through my designs. Every piece I create comes from something in my past that motivated and inspired me. What I wear to the gym matters and the fit of my workout clothes will determine if I'm going to have a killer sweat session. When you look good and feel good you perform better. My goal at Bombshell Sportswear is to make every female feel the same happiness I have felt and continue to feel from being in shape for the past two decades. I create what I love for myself and then I share it with the world." 

Dominique made her mark in fashion and entertainment by running a successful talent agency, outfitting major outlets such as Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition, Maxim, FHM and numerous fitness magazines as well as accolades in TV and film with shows like CSI, Las Vegas, Two And A Half Men and the Fast & Furious film series. 

She also spent her time as a successful, up and coming fashion designer for high-end couture clothing well-received by fashion models and celebrities. 

Dominique continued to stay on top of fashion trends that had made their way into the fitness world, often with a lack-luster feel for the woman who want to show off their curves and look hot while working out. Dominique saw something missing. She wanted to make a difference with fitness and fashion, finding a way to merge the two into something no one had ever seen before. Dominique took any extra time she had focusing on honing her craft to create the perfect sporty line that simply make women feel happy. Dominique understands and can distinguish what women crave in combining style with fitness, and most of all - what sells. 

And a brand is born…

Utilizing her vast experience in marketing and her passion for fashion design and fitness, the Bombshell Sportswear brand was born. Dominique’s ultimate goal: take the active lifestyle wear out of the mundane and make it look gorgeous. Bombshell Sportswear is the ultimate solution to merging fitness and fashion into one. 

Through her continued hard work, commitment and devotion to building a brand, Bombshell Sportswear has flourished. Bombshell Sportswear is for every woman who is passionate about looking and feeling her best, because every woman deserves to celebrate their inner bombshell, and Dominique is here to help achieve that goal - one workout at a time!


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